Sunday, February 11, 2007

College Hoops Top 10 Conference Rankings

Since the football season is over and we are in the middle of February, with not much else going on; I decided to do a College Hoops Conference Rankings Poll, just to get an overview of what's going on around the country.

1. Pac 10
Top team: UCLA
Tournament shoo-ins: UCLA, Wash. St., USC, Oregon
On the Bubble: Arizona, Stanford, Washington
Cellar dweller: Arizona St.
Projected Player of the year: Aaron Brooks- Oregon

2. ACC
Top team:
Tournament shoo-ins: UNC, Boston College, Virginia, V-Tech
On the Bubble: Clemson, FSU, G-Tech, Maryland, Duke
Cellar dweller: Wake Forest
Projected Player of the year: Jared Dudley- BC

3. SEC
Top team: Florida
Tournament shoo-ins: Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
On the bubble: Georgia, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Alabama, LSU
Cellar dweller: South Carolina
Projected Player of the year: Joakim Noah- Florida

4. Big Ten
Top team: Wisconsin
Tournament shoo-ins: Wisconsin, Ohio St., Indiana
On the bubble: Iowa, Michigan, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan St.
Cellar dweller: Penn St.
Projected Player of the year: Alando Tucker- Wisconsin

5. Big 12
Top team: Texas A&M
Tournament shoo-ins: A&M, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma St.
On the bubble: Kansas St., Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Nebraska
Cellar dweller: Colorado
Projected Player of the year: Kevin Durant- Texas

6. Big East
Top team: Pittsburgh
Tournament shoo-ins: Pitt, Georgetown, Marquette, West Virginia, Notre Dame
On the Bubble: Louisville, Villanova, Providence, UConn
Cellar dweller: Cincinnati
Projected player of the year: Demetrius Nichols- Syracuse

7. MVC
Top team: S. Illinois
Tournament shoo-ins: S. Illinois, Missouri St.
On the Bubble: Creighton, Bradley, Wichita St., Northern Iowa
Cellar dweller: Drake
Projected Player of the year: Nate Funk- Creighton

8. MWC
Top team:
Air Force
Tournament shoo-ins: Air Force, BYU
On the bubble: UNLV, SDSU
Cellar dweller: TCU
Projected player of the year: Luke Nevil- Utah

9. WAC
Top team:
Tournament shoo-ins: Nevada
On the bubble: New Mexico St., Utah St.
Cellar dweller: Idaho
Projected Player of the year: Nick Fazekas- Nevada

10. C-USA
Top team: Memphis
Tournament shoo-ins: Memphis
On the bubble: UCF, Houston, Tulsa
Cellar dweller: East Carolina
Projected Player of the year: Morris Almond- Rice


stephen a said...

you mean shoo ins right? and theres no way the big 12 is the 5th best conference.

ming01 said...

you biased KU fan.. ye they are the 5th best.

stephen a said...

well. theyre 4th in RPI. have three teams in the RPI top 20 opposed to the Pac 10's two. Has as many teams in the AP top 10 as the Pac 10 and ACC combined, and they have probably the two leading candidates for POY.

NFL Adam said...

Were is the Big West.

(BTW, you are linked up on our site.)

ming01 said...

THe Big 12 is weak this year. I took the Big 10 over the Big 12 mainly because I would take Wisconsin and OSU over KU and A & M anyday. Plus I would take Indiana over Texas or Ok St. And also the RPI is a pretty weak argument, just because they're ranked higher in the RPI doesnt mean a thing. The RPI is overrated and is done by computers. But this is my rankings. You can go ahead and make your own and put the Big 12 wherever you want.

stephen a said...

I wouldn't call UConn a bubble team. Right now they're a bubble team for the Big East tourney, not the NCAA tourney

ming01 said...

they could still possibly make the ncaa tourney without winning the Big East, but it's doubtful