Thursday, February 1, 2007

SoundOff: The Wrong Time to Play the "Race Card"

OK Readers, this is what is going to be called a SoundOff. This means that I wanna see a lot of comments rolling in on this. I wanna know what you think about the situation and the article.

Two days ago was the infamous "Media Day" for Super Bowl XLI (page down to see Super Bowl Preview). Media day is a thing that everyone talks about and covers extensively but the average sports fan doesn't care about. Nonetheless ESPN had every warm body they employ out in South Florida to interview the players and coaches.

Needless to say the man of the hour on Tuesday was Tank Johnson (pictured right). All being the recent coming-abouts of the death of his bodyguard at a nightclub, his weapons charges, and altogether 3 arrests in the last 18 months. When reporters asked Tank about the situation he went on a rant saying that it was just "white America" out to get him as a black man and athlete. And that this so called "White America" won't let him live a "normal life."

WAKE UP! Last time i checked having the police break down your door to seize 3 handguns and 3 rifles (three of which were loaded!) over 500 rounds of ammunition when you have two little daughters in the house is not normal! Neither is being arrested outside a nightclub for flashing your loaded handgun to passerby's from your vehicle. Neither is your bodyguard being shot dead at a nightclub soon after the third arrest!

I am sorry but for Tank to play the "Race Card" here is an insult to all those who have ever been truly discriminated against: and to you I apologize and offer you my sympathy. But not you Tank Johnson. For us to have the first all black-coached Super Bowl (Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith) ever and you to use the "Race Card" in such an idiotic and inappropriate fashion is ridiculous. And a time when we should be celebrating how far African Americans have come as coaches in the NFL, you cast your giant 6-3, 300 lb. shadow of stupidity on the week by doing this. You should be the most pleasant, happiest, kindest person in South Florida right now. Do you not realize that a judge just (very generously) decided to allow you travel with your team to play in the biggest game of your life!

In fact, when reports asked him "Tank, are you sorry?", Tank replied "For what?" as he turned his back to the cameras laughing. You are a bum and you deserve to be watching this game on your couch at home. This is an embarrassment to the NFL, and the Chicago Bears organization. All I know is that you better come to play this Sunday Tank, because right now Lovie is wishing he left you at home.

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