Thursday, February 15, 2007

San Diego Sweepstakes

I wanted to do a post on the NFL and with the recent firing of Coach Schottenheimer from the Chargers I thought it would be fun to play GM. So here I am going to give you MY top 3 guys for the job as well as an outside-shot/wildcard guy whom I would hire to coach the Chargers in '07 if I was the GM.

First off I would like to start by saying that everyone and their mother should be chomping at the bit to interview for this job. You take a look at what you are inheritting if you get hired: The best RB in the NFL (possibly the history of the NFL---> LT), a good young pro-bowl QB (Phillip Rivers), an awesome TE (Antonio Gates), and a great Defense loaded with playmakers (i.e. Shawn Merriman). So, my point is that it shouldn't be hard to get people to interview for the job if interest is expressed in them.

#1. Mike Singletary - Personally, I feel like the Bolts interviewed the best man for the job already. Singletary, interviewed yesterday for a head coaching job for the third time since early January. Singletary thinks he's ready to move up after four seasons as an assistant and so do I. While people argue he has a lack for coaching experience he may. However, look at what he has done with his short time as a coach. He was LBs coach on the Ravens and you guys know what kind of a group he had over there. He also spent the last two years coaching in SF as "assistant head coach - defense". With not much to work with he's definitely done more than an adequate job. He's young and he spent 10 years as a motivational speaker after retiring. This will come in handy as far as shaping the young San Diego players.

#2 Ron Rivera - Why has no one hired this guy yet?! I really wanted the Packers to make him head coach last year when they were hiring...but they didn't. I think Jerry Jones made a big mistake by not making this guy the coach of the Cowboys and I think the Chargers need to give him a long look. Just look at what he does year in and year out in Chicago with their defense. I think he would also be a great fit for the job and if he was the head coach of my football team I would be more than satisfied.

#3 Rex Ryan - Rex is the D-coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens; so there's a pretty good resume to begin with. It's definitely worth mentioning that Baltimore's defense gave up the fewest yards and points in the NFL last season. This guys is great at what he does, and I personally think that he would be a good head coach in the NFL.

In case you haven't picked up on the trend the guys that I really like for the job are all defensive gurus. I feel it wise to go in this direction - if I was doing the hiring for the job anyways.

*Longshot/Wildcard Bill Parcells - If Bill was interested in the job I think that I would be just about obligated to give him a strong look. Bill is a historically good coach and a great disciplinarian. He could really help in the development of some of the young guys on that team, especially Rivers. If Bill shows interest in the job I gotta consider him. And on top of everything he has much more experience than the other guys on my list.


Bryan said...

I highly doubt Bill Parcells is interested.... Actually, I'm certain he's not.
I don't know much about Singetary as a coach, but he seems like he'd be a good pick. I'd go with Rivera. I think he's past due. Anyone of the 3 guys you mentioned though would be great picks. Hard to argue with any of them.

twins15 said...

Rivera is more than accomplished enough to be a head coach in the NFL... why he hasn't gotten a closer look from NFL teams I have no idea. Just a bright guy and I think he'll make a very good NFL coach.

grittysquirrels said...

I know i really wish the packers would have hired rivera last year, but somehow we wound up with McCarthy. And in response to bryan i wasn't so much as saying parcells was interested as i was that IF he was then he would be deserving of a long look and would be my wildcard shot at winning the job.

Mini Me said...

Let's not forget about Pete Carrol! I think he will end up with the job.

field negro said...

If they don't pick Rivera they are on drugs!

ming01 said...

Chargers hired Norv Turner

grittysquirrels said...

Chargers are officially the most retarded organization in professional football. What a bonehead hiring. Look at all the better names out there...I would rather have Schottenheimer than Turner.

ming01 said...

I actually don't think it was that bad of a hire. Turner's offense fits well with the Chargers style and their personal.