Monday, February 26, 2007

Ohio St. vs. Wisconsin Post-Game Analysis

The game marked the first time Big Ten teams have met in a 1 vs. 2 game. Before Sunday, Ohio St. was 0-3 against top 10 teams, and desperately needed a win to remain in the running for a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

The game was dominated by defense as the final score indicates. Both teams did an excellent job of keeping the other team off the boards and limiting each other to one scoring opportunity each time down.

Both teams traded baskets numerous times, but as the second half wore on, Wisconsin showed some poise and had some key shots. It looked like the Badgers were going to hang on but that's when OSU freshmen PG Mike Conley (inset) took over. Conley came up with some huge buckets late in the game. The freshman out shined the experienced Wisconsin guards late and proved himself even more with one last shot. Conley drove the lane and made a runner with 4 seconds left to give the Buckeyes a 49-48 victory over Wisconsin, clinching their second consecutive Big Ten title.

Before the game, I really thought Wisconsin would come out on top. Wisconsin has the experience, the dominant front court, which kept Oden off the boards and held him to 11 points.

But in the end it was the always surprising freshman who thrived and lead his team to the top.

Ohio St. deserves a number one seed after this huge win. They needed a win against the Badgers to solidify it. But the main question is, if this Buckeye team wants to make any type of national title run, they need to stop relying on the three point basket. And if the NCAA Basketball title is going to come through Columbus, it will have to go through the hands of freshmen Mike Conley and Greg Oden.

The Badgers sustained a key loss in Brian Butch, one of their main post players to an elbow injury early in the 2nd half.


Anonymous said...

With Ohio St.'s D, they definitely have the material to go all the way!!

twins15 said...

Conley is studly... love love love his game.