Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl XLI Recap

Superbowl XLI was, at times, a roller coaster of emotions and in retrospect a pretty good game. I was relatively pleased with the outcome of the game (Even though i didn't care for either team). I won $20 playing squares, $10 bucks on the line, and both of our predictions on the game were pretty solid.

Colts 29 Bears 17

grittysquirrels: Colts 27 Bears 14
ming01: Colts 23 Bears 17

I am going to have to go ahead and refer you to my Super Bowl Preview ( ), because it was relatively accurate in almost all aspects covered. This game was very entertaining in the first half, however in the second half it took a bit of a dive. As far as play is concerned the Bears' D was good, but not good enough to cover for Rex's (once again) inconsistently bad play. I honestly think Griese might have given the Bears a better shot at winning Sunday night.

The weather played a relatively significant part in the turnover-ridden game Sunday night. Both teams turned the ball over quite a bit (mostly via fumbles) however, Rex had some costly INTs. Special Teams did loom large (as predicted). Robbie Gould had but one FG, while Vinateri chipped in his part as well. It is also worth mentioning the Vinateri actually missed a kick in the playoffs, but it doesn't really matter, he's still the best.

Also, Devin Hester proved that he is somewhat of a stud and can do it when the stage is set. For the Bears' only offensive draft choice in '06 he was not too bad of a bad pick. Here's an idea, maybe try a little more of that because you lost this game with your offense. Your Defense holding Indy to under 30 (keeping in mind how Rex gave the ball away incessantly and the defense was on the field for way too long) is a moral victory. Get some position players in draft and fix your problem at QB. If Rex is your man, then figure out how to help him grow a pair and not get rattled every time he makes a mistake (as often as it may be). Ever since the Arizona game in week 6 Rex has been simply abysmal, he better get it together in the offseason if the Bears are going to be playing in February next year.

The biggest surprise for me would have to be how well the Colts ran the ball against the Bears' D. I was definitely not expecting them to be as proficient running the ball as they were; especially between the tackles. The other thing that surprised me was how weak the Bears' running attack was. The Colts outrushed the Bears 191 yds to 111 yds. The Bears also were only 3-10 on third down conversions, and the stagnant running attack didn't particularly help in this aspect. Overall the Colts had the ball for 38 mins while the Bears had possession for just under 22 mins. and that about tells the story. The game's mvp was Peyton Manning, who is indeed deserving. However i would have given the MVP to a split Rhodes/Addai effort.

Overall, fun game to watch, i had a good time. Congrats go out to Mr. Peyton Manning, arguably the hardest working man in the game, and Mr. Tony Dungy, probably most deserving of this ring. But now there is just one problem: Now that there is no more football to watch, i don't know what to do with myself.


Mini Me said...

A shame that this game wasn't that great in the second half. But it was really entertaining in the first half. If the Bears had just an average quarterback performance than I believe the Bears win this game. Congrats on both of ya'lls predictions. They were both very close!

The Bucket said...

Would everyone please actually WATCH bears games before making these strange and ridiculous comments on Grossman, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE??!

First of all, the bears not tackling or blocking the entire game lost it for us, not Rex. Rex was playing pretty well actually until he made a terrible throw in the 4th that really cemented what was already inevitable, we were going to lose.

As for all the other games that Rex played, he played poorly in some, great in others - it was his first year as a starter. Does anyone have any perspective at all?

grittysquirrels said...

Dear Bucket,

I have watched quite a few Bears' games this season, being a Packers fan and all. I saw the Rex in week 1 beat my pack 26-0 off to a hot start. I also saw the debacle in week 6 versus the lowly Cardinals in a game they really should have lost. He clearly was rattled at this point because he followed the rest of the season with an incredibly inconsistantly poor performance. I was privelaged enough to watch the Bears roll into Lambeau in December and Rex sported a dazzling 4-int game that night (New years Eve).

To say that me calling Rex inconsitently bad is wrong is just foolish, because he is just that. He is inconsistant and for the most part plays very poorly. You can't pin the loss all on blocking and on D-fense because as i recal rex put 2 snaps on the ground while throwing 2 not 1 INTs and slipped and fell over his own feet twice for 11 yd losses when the game was still on the line. That drive in particular he took a 2nd and 1 and turned it into 4th and 23.

And here is some perspective for you. Jeff Garcia come available inthe offseason. Sure Grossman got u to the super bowl...or did he? Or was he maybe just the QB of a team that got to the superbowl riding the running game, Defense, and Special Teams while Rex was just along for the ride? Maybe if you had a real QB who could handly a little adversity there would have been a parade in the Windy City yesterday!