Tuesday, February 20, 2007

College Hoops Top 10 Power Poll

1. Florida (24-3)- Some may argue with me putting them here, but didn't they beat Ohio St. at the beginning of the season? So that's the main reason why I have them at number one still. Plus I won't discredit their loss to an improved Vanderbilt team at all. But still, this Gator team has the best starting five in the country, but in order to maintain a one seed they need to get through the toughest stretch of their schedule playing South Carolina at home, at LSU, at Tennessee, Kentucky at home, and the brutal SEC Tournament.
Next game to keep an eye on: vs South Carolina 2/21

2. Wisconsin (26-3)- The Badgers were my number one, but they fell tonight to Michigan St.; huge loss for them. Wisconsin is still the team to beat in the Big 10, and there's no reason to doubt them winning the Big 10 title. Alando Tucker is putting up player of the year type numbers with 20.4 ppg and 5.5 rpg. The experience is showing for this Badger team and there is no doubt they will be a one seed by tournament time, even with the recent loss.
Next game to keep an eye on: @ Ohio St. 2/25

3. Ohio St. (24-3)- I am still a little hesitant about this team being able to compete with some of the top teams. The Buckeyes rely way too much on the three ball, which could be a cause for a concern if they want to make any type of final four run. Greg Oden is a force down low and will be the main man come March, but Michael Conley (inset) is showing improvement all over the court and is proving he can be the floor leader even as a freshmen. In order to be a one seed, OSU needs to win out, have an impressive showing at the Big 10 Tournament, and oh yeah, beat Wisconsin at least once, whether it's on February 25th or in the conference tournament.
Next game to keep an eye on: vs Wisconsin 2/25

4. UCLA (23-3)- This UCLA team gets it done on both sides of the court, and have plenty of threats to get the job done night in and night out. After a very impressive win at Arizona last Saturday, the Bruins have key games coming up, with the more particular ones coming on the road against Washington and Washington St.
Next game to keep an eye on: vs Stanford 2/24

5. North Carolina (23-4)- The Tar Heels are the deepest and youngest team in the country. Which may be a cause for a concern in the big dance. The Heels no doubt have some big wins under their belts, but the upcoming ACC schedule will be tough. UNC needs these wins to continue to gain experience, which will be the number one key in order to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament.
Next game to keep an eye on: vs NC St. 2/21

6. Memphis (23-3)- Memphis may play in a weak conference, but I really like this Tigers team. They got a much needed win at Gonzaga last Saturday and continue to impress. There is no doubt this team can make a repeat Elite 8 run from last season, and they have the toughness and experience to do so.
Next game to keep an eye on: vs Houston 2/25

7. Kansas (23-4)- I never know which KU team will show up. The Jayhawks are very athletic and have the play makers to play with anybody in the country. But the question is, will they be able to make it out of the first round?
Next game to keep an eye on: @ Oklahoma 2/26

8. Texas A&M (22-4)- I feel this A&M team is still under the radar and is my dark horse pick right now. The Aggies have it all, defense, post play, three point shooting, and tremendous guard play; definitely characteristics to a national title team.
Next game to keep an eye on: @ Oklahoma St. 2/21

9. Washington St. (22-4)- The Cougars have a huge game coming up at Oregon on Thursday and should be ready for Aaron Brooks and Co.
Next game to keep an eye on: @ Oregon 2/22

10. Nevada (24-2)- If you're looking for a sleeper team in the tournament, well this is your team. The Wolf Pack have one of the best players in the country in Nick Fazekas (avg. 20.6 ppg & 11.5 rpg) and have the experience to make an impressive run.
Next game to keep an eye on: @ Boise St. 2/24

What's your College Hoops Top 10 Power Poll? I want to see your arguments.


ming01 said...

Just to let everyone know I posted this before Wisconsin's loss tonight. Just wanted to clarify so nonody freaks out.

grittysquirrels said...

Yea so with that loss who would you now put #1? I really liked how you had FL over OSU. I think that is defiantely the correct call there. Update it i wanna see how you view it now that Wisc lost.

ming01 said...

There I updated my poll

Anonymous said...

is that the same memphis team that's going to be a 4 seed in the tourney

Anonymous said...

you know the seeds for the ncaa tournament already? wow you're a genius!

ming01 said...

memphis will be a 2 seed not a 4 seed

field negro said...

Not a bad top ten, but I would have Bulter at ten, and not Nevada. I would also have Memphis a little higher.

And where is G-town? They should have been in the top ten too, although I don't know who drops out.

Anonymous said...

Kansas will make it past the first round and I don't think that Missouri will even make the tournament.

ming01 said...

thanks for your input. but where does missouri fit in?

ming01 said...

how about 4th seeded memphis guys... thanks anonymous