Monday, February 19, 2007

Go Figure

Well it wouldn't be my hire if I was the GM (which all you readers probably know) but the San Diego Chargers hired Norv Turner as their headcoach over the weekend. This came as quite a surprise to me and I view it as a relatively poor hiring. I never even considered Norv Turner when thinking of my top 3 hirings earlier in the week. Let's hope they see something in him that I don't.

To me this just doesn't make any sense. In my opinion they had much better candidates who interviewed and were very interested in the job. When you have guys like Mike Singletary, Ron Rivera, Rex Ryan, and Mike Zimmer interviewing for the job and you chose Norv Turner I think you should have some explaining to do. Because if I was a Chargers fan I would like to know what the hell they were thinking.
Norv turner will get his third crack at a head coaching job in 2007. He's 58-82-1 with one playoff appearance in nine seasons leading an NFL team. About the only thing that I can figure is that they went with the only offensive-minded candidate in hopes that he will help with the progression of Phillip Rivers. Norv Turner (as the offensive-coordinator with the 49ers) is largely credited with the progression of young QB Alex Smith.

And get this; Norv Turner gets the head coaching job. Longtime league assistant coach Ted Cottrell was named the D-coordinator. And then Ron Rivera (One of my guys for the head-coaching job) accepted a job as the LB coach with San Diego. That makes no sense to me. If they not only don't give him the head-coaching job nor the D-Coordinator job; why on earth would he leave Chicago for an assistant coaching job (LB coach). Personally, I think it foolish on the part of the Bears to let Rivera go as well as for the Chargers not to make him head coach. But maybe not, I guess with Schottenheimer gone we will see how deep San Diego can really go into the playoffs.

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Anonymous said...

A-HAHAHAHAHHA....NOWHERE! blame the jets and erik parker for gettin schottenheimer fired, cause he was a great coach. chargers just lost the AFC West to KC!