Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time to Panic?

The ESPN/USA TODAY top 25 poll came out yesterday and for the first time in 184 weeks Duke is not ranked. And rightfully so; what other team in the land can possibly lose 4 games in a row and remain in the top 25? Duke is amid their worst losing streak in 11 years. They have lost the last four games including a recent 12 point loss in Maryland this week.

It seems to me that Duke just can't quite get it together. Against UNC no one really played well except Scheyer and against Maryland McRoberts was great but it takes more than one good performance to beat a lot of the teams in the ACC. So while those guys have been good at times they can't quite just put together a nice all-around "team" performance Greg Paulus is having a horrific sophomore season. It will be important to the Blue Devils to see if he can improve his play over the course of the rest of the season. Once heralded as a blue-chip prospect out of high school he is proving to be a quite a disappointment to the Cameron Crazies.

If you take a look at Florida as the unanimous number 1 team in the land, they spread the ball out beautifully and are the best at playing as a team. They make the extra pass every time down the floor and keep everyone involved no problems, no egos, just playing great team basketball

If Duke wants to get back on track at BC tomorrow it definitely won't be easy. They are going to have to play tough defense containing Jared Dudley and spread it out on offense and try to get everyone involved. Duke is currently sitting 6th in the ACC at 18-7 ( 5-6 in the ACC). So you tell me...is it time for Coach K and Co. to panic?


Mini Me said...

Uh-Oh this isn't good for the Dukies. I want Duke to start winning so I can cheer against a good team. Not this crappy Duke team.

Anonymous said...

Duke is overrated. Paulus is horrible.

grittysquirrels said...

I know they are and Paulus is horrific. If duke doesn't wake up they might not be playing in the Tourney come March.

twins15 said...

Nah, not time to panic. They have one of the best nonconference resumes in the country and their computer numbers are still excellent. I think as long as they even go 7-9 in the ACC they should be ok.

I think everyone is overlooking Duke a little bit now... they're a very good defensive team, they just need to find some consistency offensively, which is to be expected from a young team. Coach K's a great coach... not time to panic yet.

field negro said...

"If duke doesn't wake up they might not be playing in the Tourney come March."

I can only wish!

grittysquirrels said...

Yea or maybe they WILL be playing in a tourney come March....The NIT