Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pro Bowl Snub Hub

The Pro Bowl is coming up tonight so i wanted to sound off on who I think should be there that isn't, as well as who you readers think should be in Hawaii for the 2006-2007 season. Drop a comment and lemme know your snubs.

#1- Brian Westbrook (Philadelphia Eagles) - RB
Westbrook stands out to me as the person who most deserves to be on the squad. With over 1,200 yds rushing and 7 tds he carried the Eagles to the playoffs. Still not enough for you? Westbrook led all NFL starters in YardsPerTouch with an average of 6.0. Also worth mentioning that Westbrook was on the injury report just about week in and week out.
#2 - Roy Williams (Detroit Lions) - WR
For starters he played on a team that sported a simply atrocious offense. Most people don't know this but Williams had more receiving yards than every other NFC receiver not named Donald Driver.
#3 - Terrell Owens (Dallas Cowboys) - WR
Hate the guy. Hate the publicity. Hate to do this...but besides all the drops he led the NFL in TD catches with 11. That counts for something...I think.

#1 Tom Brady (New England Patriots) - QB
Something just doesn't seem right about Phillip Rivers and Carson Palmer being selected and not Brady. As far as I am concerned Palmer can stay but he had more passing yards and TDs than Rivers...not right.
#2 Kellen Winslow Jr. (Cleveland Browns) - TE
Had a quiet breakout year. His main problem was that Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez both play in the AFC. Keep him off the motorcycle and give him a legitimate QB to throw to him and maybe he'll be Honolulu-bound next season.
#3 Nick Mangold (New York Jets) - C
Had a much better rookie season than the heralded D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Shoulda been heavily considered.

#1 Leonard Little (St. Louis Rams) - DE
More sacks than Julius Peppers, more sacks than Will Smith -- and Little doesn't make it.
#2 Walt Harris (San Fransisco 49ers) - CB
Matched against the top receivers in the NFC West, and Harris still distinguished himself with an NFC tied-for-best 8 interceptions. And for any doubters out there that don't know much about Walt Harris think about all the great Defensive support he was getting from his studly supporting-cast in SanFran (pick up on the sarcasm).
#3 Charles Woodsn (Green Bay Packers) - CB
Had 8 INTs on the season as well. Being the hardcore Packers fan that I am this one really stung for me. He also scored 1 TD and was responsible for recovering and/or forcing 4 fumbles on the year.

#1 Trevor Pryce (Baltimore Ravens) - DE
Hard for an established Pro Bowl player, on a winning team, with 12 sacks to get bypassed. But Pryce did. With so many great players on such a great defense it must make one increasingly easy to pass-up or something? Beats me...
#2 Luis Castillo (SanDiego Chargers) - DT
A player that might produce as much, if not more, than "lights out" teammate Shawne Merriman and without the chest pounding and steroid use.
#3 DeMarco Ryans (Houston Texans) - LB
This rookie led the league in tackles. Shouldn't that be enough?! Oh yea, and he plays for THE TEXANS.

Honorable Mention- Not only did the AFC have better teams with better records than the NFC did, but also had a lot more really good players who were deserving - Especially on the defensive side of the ball. So...kudos i guess.

Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens) - LB
Bart Scott (Baltimore Ravens) - LB
Warren Sapp (Oakland Raiders) - DT


Anonymous said...

I do believe that in most years, Westbrook should be in, however, this year is different. Which NFC pro bowl RB would you leave off the list, since only 3 are selected, Tiki Barber, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson? Although Westbrook and a pro bowl like season, I didnt see him have a better year than any of these 3.

P.S. What does being on the injury report have to do with being a pro bowler? If my memory serves me right I think Tom Brady was on the report about every week.

stephen a said...

you know that luis castillo used steroids in college right?

ming01 said...

Well, the knock on Westbrook used to be his durability... well he has it now and that is a big deal. It shows what kind of player he is, putting up those numbers and not being 100%... pretty impressive.

I think he deserves to be in it over Tiki and Stephen Jackson. But not Gore. This was just Tiki's going away present I guess.

Anonymous said...

His durablilty was defintely not keeping him out of previous pro bowls

twins15 said...

I agree with the first anonymous in that Westbrook was really, really good this year, but I'm not sure he was more deserving than the other 3. Barber, Gore, and Jackson were all very good.

ming01 said...

Westbrook is in fact leading NFL RB's in yards per touch with 6.0. He is beating Barber and Jackson and is 3rd in the NFL in YPC. Westbrook has scored more touchdowns than Tiki (McNabb has more rush TD's than Tiki). Westbrook has fewer rush fumbles than any pro-bowl RB (Frank Gore is leading the NFC is fumbles). Westbrook is only behind Jackson and Bush in Rec. stats for all NFL RB's and has fewer Rec. Fumbles than Jackson. Westbrook also leads NFL RB's in Rec. TD's.

Is that enough for you Nick?